Spread the Wellth. 

Individual-level Transformation

aka 'Why do i need a nutrition coach?'

Start here. Have you ever asked yourself: 

  • Is it possible for cooking to be pleasurable instead of feeling like such a chore? 

  • What would it take to actually stop reaching for the foods that end up making me feel bad?

  • How liberating would it be to stop buying our kids foods whose ingredients were produced in a lab? How can I replace our grab-n-go-go-to stuff with nourishing foods my kids will eat?  

  • What would it feel to look down into the pastry case and actually not want one single thing in there?

  • In fact, what if you had so much energy that you stopped needing that 3 p.m. caffeine pick-me-up altogether?  

  • What if cooking more nutrient-rich meals at home could be cheaper ... and faster than ordering takeout?

Making beautiful and nourishing food is well within your reach. 

It's time to activate your most potent superpower. 

What's one of the quickest ways to transform your world? Through food. Having the ability to nourish your body so that it fuels your life is your most potent superpower. I've gathered all the tools and practices to help you demystify the process of cooking. I can teach you how to create the meals that your senses crave and your body needs. It's not about memorizing recipes, it's about having a system that's tailored to your needs and preferences. Once you have that foundation, the kitchen will be a place of liberation and expression. 

How you feed yourself -- and your loved ones -- is one of the most powerful ways to make an immediate impact on your world. And it's also one of the most powerful ways you can impact our Earth. The choices you make around the foods you buy impact your relationships, environment and economy in a profound way. It's time to leverage your power to choose foods that value sustenance and sustainability. 

Societal-level transformation:

Now let's jump to the larger, systemic level. The Food Warriors Podcast is about exploring the solutions to the threats we face to food security and a sustainable food system. Many of the choices that are being made -- such as the subsidizing of corn and soy that results in 50% of our agricultural land being planted with such crops -- are self-destructive. Only 3% of our farmland grows vegetables and fruit. And of that, we waste 52%. In fact, our existing food system wastes 40% of the food we spend our financial, human and natural resource capitol producing. Meanwhile, 1 in 6 Americans are food insecure which means they are without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.

The Food Warriors Podcast brings you the work and stories of our modern Food Warriors: people working to create an equitable food system whose priorities include: nourishing our bodies, food justice, ending food waste and hunger through food recovery, sustainable agriculture and stewardship of our Earth. Get inspired, get activated, and get in sync with our Food Warriors so we can speed the transformation of our food system. 


Meet Jaime Rothbard, the Foodie Alchemist. She's been a Healing Arts practitioner since 2004, working as a licensed massage therapist and Transformational Nutrition Coach to help people tap into their bodies' innate intelligence to self-heal.

She's not an evangelist for any particular "diet". Her coaching practice is rooted in the core value of tuning into the needs of each individual and their values, lifestyle and other unique circumstances to determine their specific nutritional needs. Her joy is in offering people the tools to transform how they think about food and teaching simple ways to create delicious and nourishing meals for themselves, for good.