Wellth is the new wealth. 

Trying to eat "better", but...

  • Cooking feels like a chore. 

  • I order takeout more than I cook for myself because it's easier. 

  • My child can't eat that. They are allergic to _________ and ________.

  • My child won't eat that. They only eat _______, _______ and ________.

  • It's 3:00...time for a coffee and a muffin!

  • The meal is not over when I'm full. The meal is over when I hate myself. 

  • It's a self care night, so I'm baking myself a tray of brownies and bingeing on Netflix. 

Food connects you to your life force. 

Think of food as a light switch: something within your control. If you are fighting disease or even just dealing with a lot of distress, you are looking for ways to flick it to ON. Starting with food will be one of the lowest hanging fruits. Indeed.   

We'll help you gather all the tools and practices you need to demystify a lifestyle change: whether it's cooking, integrating new foods or taking beloved foods away. In the beginning it's very hard to change behavior but nutrition coaching helps you establish new habits that will restore ease. 

Also: it's not just about you.

How you feed yourself -- and your loved ones -- is one of the most powerful ways to make an immediate impact on the folks around you. It's also one of the most powerful ways you can impact our Earth. It's time to leverage your power to choose foods that value sustenance and sustainability. 

Connect to the big picture of transforming food:

The Food Warriors Podcast brings you the work and stories of our modern Food Warriors: people working to create an equitable food system whose priorities include: nourishing our bodies, food justice, ending food waste and hunger through food recovery, sustainable agriculture and stewardship of our Earth. Get inspired, get activated, and get in sync with our Food Warriors so we can speed the transformation of our food system. 


Meet Jaime Rothbard, the Foodie Alchemist and host of the Food Warriors Podcast. She's been a Healing Arts practitioner since 2004, working as a licensed massage therapist and Transformational Nutrition Coach to help people tap into their bodies' innate intelligence to self-heal.

She's not an evangelist for any particular "diet". Her coaching practice is rooted in the core value of tuning into the needs of each individual and their values, lifestyle and other unique circumstances. Her joy is in offering people the tools to transform how they think about food and teaching simple ways to create delicious and nourishing meals for themselves, genuinely for the good of all.