unlock the alchemy of food

It's not about memorizing recipes, it's about having a system that's tailored to your needs and preferences. Once you have that foundation, the kitchen becomes a reflection of who you are and serves the function that you need it to have.

And it's a place you'll want to be.  

Each session is designed around a preliminary assessment to establish any known food allergies or intolerances, and to establish your preferred tastes and cuisines so this is going to be the food you will eat. 

Private classes allow the focus to stay on you: your specific goals, dietary needs and skill set. This may include reviewing basic cooking techniques and kitchen tool makeovers, re-thinking and preparing your favorite foods to work around an allergy or intolerance, or learning the building blocks to self-healing with in-depth sessions around spices and home fermentation. All skill levels will be met with inspiring and accessible instruction. 

Small group classes are intended for people who want to share time with friends, while pooling together resources for fun instruction relevant to the whole group.

Rates for Custom Classes
Custom Classes are a minimum of 3 hours. 

1 to 4 people: $75 per hour
5 to 8 people: $125 per hour

Examples of Past Classes & Possible Themes:

Cooking practices to end wasted food

Integrating comfort foods with food intolerances

Catering to a kid with chronic illness or food allergies