Let's Transform.

Hands-on cooking Lessons...

Designed just for you! No more relying on cookbooks and recipes to call the shots in the kitchen. Learn how to cook guided by what your body needs to thrive, creating the flavors you crave and using up all those greens you bought. It's time to re-think cooking so it's not a chore, but a chance to become your own food doctor. Learn new strategies of preparation so you can free up time and energy while optimizing food's healing potential and prevent wasting food. 

Online sessions Coming soon

Do you feel overwhelmed by the time and energy requirements of home cooking? Learn preparation methods that optimize food's maximum nutritional potential by allowing nature do most of the work, with key kitchen tools to pick up the slack. Learn quick cleaning strategies to save time and resources while feeling a huge return of investment on your energy levels. This is how to ease your reliance on processed foods.  

Speaking & EVents

Food is the key to unlocking optimal health and performance in the work we do in the world. But it's also the bridge to restoring the health of our planet. Allow me to take your team or event to the next level by walking you through each of the steps necessary to integrate nutritious food habits, in alignment with the specific needs of your event or occasion.